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We pride ourselves on our in-depth property research. Our specialist teams offer insight into current market trends and predictions for the future to help you make the right property decisions.

Property Transaction Services

CTP has an extensive database of over 10,000 Commercial and Residential properties in key cities and suburbs where rapid infrastructure development is taking place. Going forward, CTP intends to keep up with the rapid pace of growth in Sri Lankan and Global Real Estate Developments. We are also supported by our branch network in Matara, Kurunegala, Kandy, and other key cities in Sri Lanka. In June 2023 we opened an office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Why Use our Transaction Services?
Projects We Work With

Real Estate Valuations

At Capital TRUST Properties (Pvt) Ltd, we excel in delivering precise market evaluations for diverse real estate properties, covering commercial, residential, industrial, and leisure segments.

Beyond real estate, we specialize in valuations for movable and immovable assets, agricultural land, manufacturing facilities, industrial properties, leisure establishments, healthcare properties, and the renewable energy sector.

Our services include property assessments, portfolio valuations, market appraisals, and tailored consultancy, ensuring excellence guided by professionalism and led by a distinguished RICS registered Chartered Valuation Surveyor.

Collaborate with us for precision and profound industry knowledge, redefining the art of valuation.

Property and Facilities Management Services

Property Management Services is a service, CTP pioneered specially for Sri Lankan expatriates, offering them an exclusive service to those who are interested in entrusting the management of their properties.

Development Advice

As Developers ourselves we have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of the development process. We will assess the viability of the project in terms of fit for market and financial feasibility and provide an end-to-end solution encompassing the entire development process.

Interior Solutions

At Capital TRUST Properties we deliver bespoke, unique and tasteful interior solutions to our clients while remaining well-within stipulated budgets and timelines. We specialize in designing spaces that enhance the future potential property value while adhering to the specific tastes and requirements of the client.

Legal Coordination

We will act as an intermediary between the buyer’s lawyers and seller’s lawyers to make the process of legal coordination of documents simple and hassle-free for our clients. Our in-house legal counsel could also be retained as per client requirements.

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