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Global Reach Capital TRUST Properties is present in other countries through its representatives.

Our representative in Canada: Name: Rienzie Martinesz

Address: 109, Combe Avenue, Toronto, ON, M3H 4J8, Canada

Tel: +1 416 270 7199

Fax: +1 647 933 4567

E mail:
Star Fortune, Hong Kong Star Fortune Hong Kong Limited is a well established real estate agent based in the SAR of Hong Kong. It is currently promoting several prime properties in Sri Lanka. It has a wide portfolio of currently available property investment opportunities, ranging from residential to commercial properties which include apartments, houses, beach property units and sea front houses. Its portfolio also includes hotels, prime land, commercial buildings etc. It will guide you through the entire process of acquisition to ensure a hassle free transaction.

Star Fortune Hong Kong Limited ideally meets the need for a business friendly Real Estate Agent & Business Consultancy service that is totally sympathetic to your specific requirements, while you go about achieving your business goals.
Star Fortune New Zealand Limited Star Fortune New Zealand Limited is our real estate agent in this blossoming Australasian region. With New Zealand hotly tipped to be the next and perhaps the last oil & energy frontier in the World, our company there will be your friendly link in this strategic outpost. This beautiful country with a fertile land area bigger than the U.K. and with tremendous potential for development of tourism, farming and industry, has only 4 million plus inhabitants.

New Zealand is also a country with several of its cities declared as the most livable cities in the world. The economy has opened up to such an extent that it has come to be acknowledged globally as one of the best places to engage in business and investment. NZ dollar is a freely convertible traded currency and if trading in the exciting Forex markets is your ambition, Star Fortune New Zealand Limited with its close links with the highly respected and trusted Forex trading companies in Australia can assist you in achieving your goals, Whatever be your investment goal Star Fortune New Zealand Limited will be your friendly ally in this lucrative outpost.

Call +64 221 360 689 or +64 221 363 411 for a friendly discussion on the investment potential in this gorgeous country.
Star Fortune Property Limited, U.K Star Fortune Property Limited, UK is a Real Estate company in the UK and also represented in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Canada. Star Fortune Property UK will provide a complete real estate solution for your real estate needs in Sri Lanka. We will also manage your property in Sri Lanka through our Real Estate Management Services.

United Kingdom economy is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom and the property market is experiencing a rare uptrend hitherto not seen since the 2007-2009 slump. With thousands of New Europeans flocking to the U.K. to benefit from the fruits of the blossoming economy, the demand for housing has sky rocketed in the recent past. If you are interested in investing in this lucrative market do not delay any more in contacting us. We have a network of contacts in this highly profitable property market that will enable you to buy or rent the property that exactly suits your requirements.

If you are a member of the Sri Lankan diaspora living in the U.K. or in any other part of the world and planning to invest in property in Sri Lanka, New Zealand or Hong Kong please contact us immediately so that we shall put you in touch with our sister companies in those countries. Sri Lanka is currently living up to its promise to be the 'Asia's next economic miracle' with a annual GDP growth in excess of 8.0 % expected this year and a per capita income in excess of US$4000.