JFI Tower 3

About Property

JFI Tower 3, situated at Piyadasa Sirisena Mawatha, Colombo 10 is a modern office complex, designed to facilitate companies that want to grow within Sri Lanka, enabling and fostering the growth of the economy in parallel. It is our vision to become a springboard for such companies to prosper within our premises.

Ideal for companies with BPO operations, or large scale back office employments, we have ensured that the complex is equipped with the most modern amenities from the decor to the features available. Each item is crafted and designed with the utmost care with regard to a single thought of making the residents function seamlessly within Tower 3.

Location & Accessibility

JFI Tower 3 is situated in a Strategic Location; walking distance to The National Hospital and The Central Hospital. Also its proximity to the Colombo Harbour and the emerging Portcity project.

Close proximity to highways both Airport and outer circular HIghway and also 3 min walk to the Rapid Light railway and even the Maradana railway station.

For companies engaged in freight and other Logistics companies having the Sri Lanka customs, banks and many other institutions in close proximity to one another helps save much time and spend more time working than on the road.


  • Fiber optic connectivity
  • 100% back up power with 1500KV generator
  • High speed lifts
  • International fire safety & security regulations in practice
  • Full CCTV coverage
  • 24 hour security


  • Efficient 16,000 sq.ft of virtually column free floor space
  • With 10 extensive levels of office space available
  • With 03 levels of parking space available
  • Rectangular floor plate and core design allowing efficient, modern and flexible office layout
  • Inter-connectivity between floors is facilitated on-demand


JFI Towers 3 facilitates adequate parking without hassle spanning across four floors effortlessly to acc ommodate parking requirements at your best convenience.

Tower 3 comes equipped with more than 150 parking slots and upto 20 guest car parking spaces. We are also committed to providing equal access to everyone and Tower 3 also provides parking facilities for disabled parking